Freitag, Jänner 12, 2007

excursion to the north of the north island

good evening! this is my car. it looks good isn't it. that's a picture from the morning near the hurara falls.

i did a 240km trip up to the north.

here u can see a nice beach on the northest point of new zealnand. thats the tasman sea with the 90 mile beach.

here is the lighthouse on the carpe reinga.
this place is sacred. in maori belief, reinga is the departing place of the spirits of the recently deceased. it is the dramatic meeting place of the tasma sea & pacific ocean.

this is the 90 mile beach. i got there at hukatere. its a normal route on new zealand. but u should go with special cars and not with a toy toy toy...

i wanted to try some drivings on the sand on the beach. it was nice. than i tried to get some photos, suddenly a wave was coming and my car gets stucked. i had no idea what to do, i tried to move the car, but the water under-rinsed the tires and here i am...
but the silly people have normally luck! so after 1 minute a jeep came and got me out of this bullshit. with a rented car u have no insurance for this case - so it isn't allowed to go to the beach with the car.
pffffff - no more comments - just have a look.

when i got back to the asphalted street suddenly at about 60km/h the
steering wheel vibrated very much. it was not a good drive. but what should i do... i looked to the tires and find much sand everywhere. "engineer is too heavy nothing"
when i came to the next city i got to the next gas station and took the wash booster and cleaned the tires - tatarata my car is now well doing again. toy toy toy!!!


Anonymous ändi änd änitar said...

jojo, mit de schöffin und de beag kennan ma si aus - oba so fü wossa auf an haufa haum mia hoit net dahoam... woher soin ma denn des wissn? vo da saundkistn net *g* und auf da schodapistn loßt sis jo a guat foahn, eigentli...

so long, keep joa ias stiff. we wisch ju heppiness in se rest of joa hollidehs and lots of nosebussln from se neiss maori-ledis...mmmmhhh

ändi änd änitar (se inglisch eggsberts)

12 Jänner, 2007 22:10  
Blogger bernhard said...

i haven't seen such a suddenly waterwave from the sea. thats right, normally i don't have an experience in this.
thx the maori ladys are every time smilling when they see me :)))

13 Jänner, 2007 07:52  
Blogger Stephan said...

Guten Morgn!

Einen coolen parkplatz hast du dir da ausgesucht. selten so glocht: eine reisschüssel am beach. hot do vielleicht grad die flut eingesetzt? 5min später und die schüssel wär geschwommen?! grins.

Weiterhin so viel glück.

Best, Stephan

13 Jänner, 2007 11:44  
Blogger bernhard said...

the parking lot was not the best :))
next time i will look for somewhere far away the sea....
i opened the door, and when the water goes back there was only 2 cm left to get into the car :))
sya bernhard

14 Jänner, 2007 07:59  
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