Sonntag, Februar 04, 2007


this afternoon i went through the cardrona valley to queenstown. that is THE CITY for the adventure abused people and also for the adrenalin junkies- thats not me!!
first i visited the first bungy jump from the world. thats the 43m high kawarau bungy where u can jump with the head into the water. strange!! it costs 80Euros.

then i did some slacklining in the queens garden. many people liked this sport and were fascinated. i also learnt a 7 years old japanese boy this sport. u can imagine the scene, the japanese family behind with the cameras and taking pictures...

queenstown is located in such a nice fascinating scene on the lake wakatipu surrounded with the mountains - woowww u only need much money than u can do every shit what u can imagine... thats what the people like. it is really crowded here but very beautiful. tomorrow i do the route burn canyon with the
i want to do some skydiving too - 60 seconds of freefall i want to try out this shit.


Anonymous Anonym said...

servus bani!

super fotos! besonders guat gfoit ma des mit dem paradeiser. 1a.
machs gut!


05 Februar, 2007 18:21  

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