Samstag, Februar 03, 2007

franz josef und fox glacier

hi. yesterday evening i had an attack from northern kakus (parrots). they tried to pick into my car because they could smell my food. they destroyed the sealings of the car.

thats an reflection view from lake matheson to mount tasman and mount cook.

thats the franz josef glacier from the rata look out

unfortunately at about midday the clouds sucked off here. later u could see nothing behind the glacier.
the nice forrest down from the rata look, thats the way to alex knobs summit.

fox glacier


Anonymous Anonym said...


Im Artikel des Tages auf geht es heute um den Kakapo (Papagei in Neuseeland, flugunfähig) und der schaut deinem Kakus sehr ähnlich.
Der Kakapo ist vom Aussterben bedroht! Alles kannst ihm ruhig was von deiner Jausn geben.


03 Februar, 2007 09:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

there was a sign with no feed the wildlife. so its better to make bbq :))

04 Februar, 2007 00:05  

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