Donnerstag, Februar 01, 2007

northern west coast

good morning.
yesterday i did the last part of the heaphy track in the kahurangi np to 20 minutes beach. it rained the whole 5 hours of walking but that gives to the bush a very nice feeling because everywhere u can see and feel the water.... sometimes i have to look where i can pass the "creek" that changed into a river....
i also saw some brown kiwis and they built also some nice swinging bridges to cross the water. very attractive but this area is not crowded because of it is far away from the mainb roads. that was the main reason why i wanted to go there. when i come back to the car park and i left the np i had suddenly to do with the flooding on the streets. i had to cross some very shit roads with much water at about 12 cms of depth but i used to do this. so that was not a big problem. after 30kms there was a big flooding where i had to wait so i decided to go to the operara basin. this is known for its beautiful limestone caves and arches but there i also came to a destroyed bridge. after 2 hours i tried to cross the main flooding street. and it was really funny...
in westport i visited the seal colony at the tauranga bay near cape foulwind. one kekeno seal cried so loud when i came to close to him that i jumped back ;))
then i went to punakaiki in the paparoa np and i did the truman track where u can nicau palms, red pines (rimu), black pines (matei), kiekie, supple jacks and nz flax. very nice and short(20 minutes) walk through the bush to the coast.
then i had i very attractive sunset at the pancacke rocks and blowholes. at 21.15 i looked into the punakaiki cavern where i saw some glowworms, but this cave is not interesting beside the glowworms.
the next days i will go further to the south and it seems to be getting colder and more rainy.
cya bernhard


Anonymous Andy said...

Ooooh my goodness! That´s New Zealand at it´s best! Really amazing pictures man!

Despite the rain, this area is really wonderful! Green, lots of bush, interesting animals...

For me it seems as if the South Island is more interesting for outdoorers as the Northern Island?

What´s your opinion?

02 Februar, 2007 08:16  
Blogger bernhard said...

hi andy.
yeah this is nz.
u can explore so many hings here wow even or especially with the rain ;))
keep u informed

02 Februar, 2007 08:24  

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