Sonntag, Jänner 28, 2007

cape farewell

good afternoon.
they last days i didn't managed to get some internet access so i have to do it this raini sunday.
ok: on friday i tried to do some kitesurflessions, but it was not possible due to less wind.
so i decided to go north.
first i visited the museum wow.
really nice cars and clothings there for crazy people...

than i visited the hoeglund ar glass company. they i have i great exhibiton with glass productions. but very expansive such glass art.

then i went north to the te waikoropupu springs "pupu springs"
thats the biggest springs from new zealand.
and now it is not allowed to go into this crystal clear water because of didymo.
Didymo is a freshwater alga. A single cell of didymo is microscopic; therefore it takes a number of cells to be present in the water before didymo is visible to the human eye.
Didymo attaches itself to streambeds by stalks. The stalks form a thick brown mat on rocks, plants and other materials in the water. Established mats form flowing streamers that turn white at the ends and look similar to tissue paper.
Didymo has been confused with New Zealand native alga. The main difference between didymo and native species is the way it feels. Native alga feels slimy and will break apart in your fingers, whereas didymo is strong and feels like wet cotton wool.

then i drove further north to cape farewell and did some nice walking to the west coast to the fossils point.

this is freddy from bordeaux on the wharariki beach.

on the next day i did some nice walkings to the arc islands.

and when i arrived to the beach the seal suddenly recognised me and tried to get into the water. it looks very funny. i came nearly close to this nice moving animal.

these birds(Rare Oyster Catchers) tried to attack me to defense their teritorium. without my fotostand i would got fear. this beach is the wharariki beach.

many sheeps here.

this rock is called devils boot. there are 2 of the nice rock formation.


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