Donnerstag, Jänner 25, 2007

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good morning guys!
yesterday i did in the afternoon some lessions in kitesurfing with the .
the female teacher wiebke from germany did a very good teaching. we learnt body dragging on land and water and water starts. i drove my first 50m with the kiteboard. it was a really nice feeling. yeahhh. the wind was so constant and perfect and beach in the water so flat and wide. also the water was surprisingly flat (not big waves). this is up to now the best kitesurfsport i have seen in new zealand.
i drove first the north buster 7 than did some body dragging on the water with the north rebel 9 (hybrid kite with 5 lines - should be very safe) and then i drove the north buster 9 my first meters :)) nice kites from north
there were about 20 kiters at this spot. so there was much traffic - some were beginners but some have done great big jumps - juhuuu
hopefully this day the wind is getting also ok, i hang on some lessions to get able to try some jumps ;-)
the water temperature is very warm - it is really "cool" here.
david from suitze is tramping through new zealand with his friend. their homepage is
this day i try to do some pics from the lessions.


Anonymous BAUXI said...

Hello Mr. Fullbeard ...
... or should I say "Feltface" ;D
Bernhard, gfreit mi dass da so guad geht und dassd deine Hardcore-Aktivitäten olle ohne Schaden zu nehmen überlebt host. Ober wennst deinen Toytoytoy-JAPler weiterhin so schlecht behandelst wird's der vielleicht nicht mehr lange schaffen *ggg*.
Najo daun, moch's weiterhin so guad and cYa in a few weeks, do we?!
PS: Gfrei mi scho auf d'Spaunsau!!!

25 Jänner, 2007 22:38  
Blogger bernhard said...

hi bauxi!
the pig you will have to pay will taste good i think.
the japler is a good car - up to now.

28 Jänner, 2007 01:00  
Anonymous Anonym said...

Eine voll geile urlaubstour, die du da machst. wie halt man des nur so lang aus? Hast übehaupt nu a geld? Und ANgst hast noch nie ghabt?

When you will be back?

I hope soo angels needs you!
your collegas!

30 Jänner, 2007 23:06  
Anonymous Anonym said...

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