Dienstag, Jänner 23, 2007


hi - how are u?
this day i visited the capital of new zealand - wellington. thats a very nice city on the coast.
here u can see the parliament.

then i went to the nationalmuseum te papa.
that is a must to do!

this is the kiwi. that is a bird, what is not able to fly.
the other thing is the kiwi fruit.
so a kiwi is a bird and not the fruit here in nz.

some picture and carving art

on midday there was a concert from the maori where u can get into the musical feeling into the tribes. really amazing their sounds and dancing.

unfortunately u cannot hear the music and singing.

thats a 1962 vw bus. i like that one - yeah.

thats the old st. pauls cathedral. nice church.

wellington from the mt victoria look out.

here u can see different means of transportations...

i saw 2 kiters on this day at lyall beach near the airport. they must stay at least 200m to the airport fence..
they can have here up to 45 knots with airtime up to 15 seconds...... there u can do many things i think between :))

tommorrow i will go with the ferry to the south island to picton. hopefully the weather is getting better, because this january was one of the worst they told me.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Hey Bernhard!
Now, we have winter in Austria. Last night it started to snow. Wonderful! I hope i can go iceclimbing next week.


23 Jänner, 2007 12:52  
Blogger bernhard said...

hi matthias.
many greetings from the warm (25C) new zealand also to the father buxi.
i cann't do iceclimbing up so far. perhaps on the glacier.
cya bernhard

24 Jänner, 2007 23:15  

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