Dienstag, Februar 06, 2007

Routeburn Track

Last Day i started the Routeburn track after finishing the routeburn canyoning because the weather was so fine and it was the same starting.
i walked up to harris saddle 1255m where i slept. there it is not allowed to sleep there and i went up to the colonical hill (1515m) to get a beautiful sunset.
two people from Tschechien slept in the shelter too. i couldn't sleep very good there because of the altidude.. on the next day i went up to the colonical hill for sunset. and this was amazing to. nobody was there. wowww.
i could see every where some nice lakes where the mountains did some reflections on the water. wonderful. when i came back to the shelter a doc ranger recognised that i slept there and i had to pay a fee (50 bucks) normally it is 500....
but it was really worth it because such a hut(normall prize in main season 40 bucks) here must be booked and dated before at http://www.doc.govt.nz/ what i normally don't like because i want to go on a mountain when i believe it is good and not when there is some free places in the hut and i have a hut ticket.

when i came back after the waintangi party in the queens garden someone wrote a "N Girls" there. so now i love austrian girls...


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