Montag, Jänner 22, 2007

Mt Ruapehu Crater Climb

this pic is from saturday evening from the lake taupo.

good morning. last day i climbed up to the dome shelter(2700 m) on the mount ruapehu (2,797 m) in the tongariro national park. mt ruapehu is the highest peak on the northern island in new zealand.
in the morning the weather was very cloudy and windy. but during the day its getting better and better. on the crater u can see the crater lake. normally it should be bigger, but in 1996 there was a big eruption. when i came done, the weather and visibility must have been great, but the old school rule is important to me, a mountain u have to start early in the morning....

thats a big ski area too, so in 20 years we have to go skiing to new zealand - for sure - u will remember my posting!

the crater lake.
there were so many clouds, this was the best view i had to the crater lakes...

here u can see the dome shelter in the background...

the crater

the Vulcan Mt. Ngauruhoe

some snow formations

that is concrete for the pipe protection. they try too build it like the area surrounding. crazy...

nice waterfalls.