Donnerstag, Jänner 18, 2007

wahai beach und mt maunganui

hey everybody.
last night i slept at the waihi beach. there was a beautiful sunrise this morning - yeah.
then i went through tauranga to mount maunganui. this mountain is 220m high and very nice to climb.
unfortunately all kitesurfteachers are now on the south island in nelson where there is the whole weekend a national kitesurfcontest. so i think i can only do some kitesurflession on the south island. lets see. later i went to rotorua a city where u smell the first hours the sulphoric hydrogen because of the geysirs and the vulcan activities. the colour of the water changed here from blue (sea) to brown(lake rotorua).... tommorrow i want to go mountainbiking in the red wood. yipiiieeh ok cya bernhard

sunrise at waihi beach


that's mount maunganui

that's the tahunamanu island

to be continued...

normal view from a backpacker on the beach

here u can see many sheeps....


Anonymous Anonym said...

Hallo Bernhard,
Viele Wochen habe ich deine Seite verfolgt....endlich habe ich mal geschnallt wo ich ein Kommentar hinterlassen kann.
Deine Aufnahmen sind toll, leider ist mein 56k Modem heillos ueberfordert!
Nur weiter so, "Viel Spass noch beim Suchen der Gegensaetze"
Bis zum naechsten Mal!
Liebe Gruesse aus Oesterreich
Franz Deinhofer

18 Jänner, 2007 21:42  
Blogger bernhard said...

schoene gruesse zum engel nach oesterreich!!

23 Jänner, 2007 09:19  

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