Freitag, Jänner 19, 2007


yesterday night i came to rotorura. when i came into the city the first two hours a smelled the sulphoric hydrogen very good. then i got used into it... this was the main city from the maoris. here it is possible to do something for the beautiness for the body in a mud pool. check out
perhaps the next time i will need this ;-))
there is also a park where u can get some hot water pools for free in the city and there are some nice geysirs there too. the maori tim showed me the park and explained me also the history and the problems with the englands.....
this day i visited te puia in rotorura. thats a geothermal area and u get many informations from the maori culture and it's also possible to see kiwis (nz birds).

after that i went back to auckland and i picked up my repaired camera - yeah.

now i am in raglan thats on the west coast and it should be a very good surfspot also for kitesurfing. and here is also the kitesurfteacher toni in nelson.
nevertheless lets check it out.
cya bernhard

this maori guide showed us how to make some rope from this leafes. they were not silly. that gets a really strong rope.

thats the bigges geysir on the southern hemisphere according to them ( 20m and more every hour).

sume silicat stones formed by the water.

mudpools (98 C)

i think i would have been also a good maori, because the more dangerous u look the better (status) u are...

thats a whaka (war dance)
perhaps we can invent an own whaka for the ennsfest....

after that i went back to auckland to get my repaired camera.

busy friday afternoon in auckland queenstreet.


Anonymous Anonym said...

Hawe d'Ehre!
Die Ausrede, warum Deinereiner so selten in Oberöstereich anzutreffen ist, hat sich nach Sichtung dieser Berichte als authentisch genug erwiesen, um sie durchgehen zu lassen. Entbiete also weiterhin viel Vergnügen auf der südlichen Hemisphäre, Reschpekt, Hazi

20 Jänner, 2007 17:05  
Blogger bernhard said...

good afternoon sr. major hazi. whats up in the army in austria. everything in german hands?
greetings from kwi islands bernhard

21 Jänner, 2007 05:06  

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