Sonntag, Jänner 14, 2007

diving at the poor knight islands

good night! this day i went diving with dive tutukaka near whangarei to the divespot calypso at the poor knight islands.

this is me after some seasick action - u know.

the first dive spot

we drove about one hour to the divespot. in the middle i got seasick and i needed some bag.... the waves were about 4 m height. we did two very nice divings with lots of fishes, snails, corals, coulours,... the view was about 15-20m. normally in april there is the best view up to 40m. now there is much plankton in the sea. my buddy from alaska(she dived with a dry-suit-baaah the water temperature was 19 to 20 degrees) will send me some underwater pics in some days..... before my second dive i needed a new seasickbag again, nevertheless two minutes later i jumped into the water and dived :)) every drinks and food landed in the seasick-bags or waste-bag or sea.... so the next time i will not take some lunch with me on such one-day-dive trip. Jaques Custoeu was rated the poor knight islands as one of the top 10 divespots in the world. he is right! at the return way i got seasick again - so i got everything out of my stomach. now i am back in auckland and we'll try to do some kitesurf-lessions if the wind is good...
the second dive spot where u can find the medidation wall underwater. really gorgeos!
this is the biggest sea cave in the world.
some bands have done there some recordings!

here u can see a fish swarm

auckland from the motorway

cya bernhard


Anonymous Anonym said...

Sehr schöne Fotos machst du da.
Kommt da am Ennsfest eh ein Vortrag über 6h? (Pro Foto ein Stamperl Bier. Ziebermayr Heli darf erst betrunken einsteigen ;-) )

15 Jänner, 2007 07:21  
Blogger bernhard said...

i can do such a slideshow.
per foto one small beer that seems to be ok this game. lets do it!!!
cya b

15 Jänner, 2007 09:42  
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