Mittwoch, Jänner 17, 2007

'the sleeping god' canyoning in thames

heyy everybody! whats up man?
everything ok in europe? ok!! lets go. this day i did some guided canyoning trip with near tames in the kauaeranga valley. this tour is called the sleeping god. the hole altidude to abseil was 300m. the
it takes us from 9:00 to 17:00 - a long day in a canyon but with so many people and some good lunch u need some time.
ok here we go. u can see some pics from these awesome tour. it was a big pleasure to meet these people and we had a lot of fun. the tour guide neil told a lot of bad jokes. sooo thats what we need isn't. have much fun with the pics. the sun is shining and i will hang up for some beers. cheers.
cya bernhard

on the pic before u can see a train. it was used to to some tree transportaion 100 years ago. but here it was really steep. crazy...

some flying fox

there was quite nice water on it - i'm lovin it... :))

this a crazy version of the flying fox

this is the overview of the sleeping god.

check out some videos of this canyon


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