Dienstag, Februar 20, 2007

Akaroa and Christchurch

hi yesterday i drove from kaikora to akaroa. on the evening before yesterday (lazy sunday in nelson because of no good wind) i went south to kaikoura. and near blenheim an civil policemen caught me because of speeding. i managed it to pay nothing. so also the new zealand policemen are nice...
on monday afternoon i did some swimming with dolphin with http://www.dolphinsakaroa.co.nz/ in akaroa. that is a peninsula south of christchurch. we were only 5 people on board and we were lucky to get 30 hector dolphins in the marine reserve area. i had the most around me were about 10 dolphins. they get very close to me ( nearly 20 cms) and swum around me. after the session the jumped very high , that means they are very happy.
really nice place there in akaroa. by the way that place is a french settlement with nice restaurant and bars.
on the evening i went back to christchurch and had a nice sunset there.
me swimming with the funny dolphins


sunset at mt cavendish near christchurch
christchurch at night

catching the sun

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