Donnerstag, Februar 08, 2007

milford sound

yesterday afternoon i drove to the milford sound and did a cruise tour with a boat. it was very amazing. the captain drove very close to the walls ( up to 1200m high) up we get very wet from the water that the wind spread to us. we saw nice formations, waterfalls, gold and copper and other metals on the walls, seals. there is also a underwater observatory where visitors can see the underwater life up to 9ms depth. i prefer diving but the next two days, the divings with tawakidive had been already fully booked. the tour i would recommend to do when it is raining or after a big rain because then the walls must spread everywhere water.... woww

this waterfall is 155m high, the captain showed us also the smalles waterfall from milford - it is 0.5m high - really.

when i came back someone has written " i was her" . this seems to be a nice communication platform such a dirty car window...

sunset at manapouri lake.