Sonntag, Februar 11, 2007

Wanaka (The Leaping Burn Canyon)

Good Evening.
this morning i got to see the mount aspiring(the right one, it is the matterhorn from new zealand), the left mountain is called mount avalanche.
during the day i did the Leaping Burn(=Valley in Maori) Canyoning Tour in Wanaka with
The Tourguide James and the France Guide Alain showed us a very very attractive Canyon in Wanaka.
The weather and the water conditions were really perfect. i enjoyed this day very much because we had many free space in this guided tour what really prefer. outherwise they tell u what to do and not to do - thats all shit. this tour was very personell and i can recommend it to do this tour!
the quite steep ascent.
we had to slide down in a canyonhole - really great amazing stuff.
really nice abseils with much water.
nice jumpings too
what a great feeling

lots of white water - i like it
thats me on action
all the group hanging on a fix point waiting for the next abseiling
our two tour guides jumping down together 17m
what a nice scenery


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