Freitag, Februar 09, 2007

southern scenic route

This friday folks, i drove from fortrose (near invergargill) to dunedin(university city on the eastcoast).
i drove on this day the most k's on a gravel road. i'm getting better and better on it. the highest speed was 100km/h, but there u should not do any faults...
in the morning(after a natural shower on the beach) i visited the waipapa lighthouse where there were 3 sea lions and one sea elephant. the males had some fights against each other because of the female... one sea lion tried to attack and bite me. that was very amazing. but he had no chance....

this is slope point ( the southest point from south island of nz)
a petriefied forrest in curio bay ( have been here for 180 million years)
the purpoise bay, where there are hectors dolphins - i could not see any of these small animals.
thats the cathedral caves near the sea.

lake wilkie
tautuku beach
roaring bay where there is a wildlife lookhouse. i saw here some yellow-eyed pinguin, coming back from looking for food in the water at abou 4pm. they are very shy and there are only 3000 such animals existing on the world...
yellow-eyed pinguin
when the jump on a step they jumped with two feet together at the same time - so nice to watch them.
nugget point light house