Mittwoch, Jänner 31, 2007

Lake Angelus and Robert Ridge

yesterday i did some hikking over the robert ridge to the lake angelus. thats in the nelson lakes national park and it is between the lakes rotoiti and rotora near st arnaud located.
when i climb up the ridge it suddenly gots rainy and some wind came out. but that was not a reason for going back. i like such "bad" weather. i have seen nice rainbows. the sunset was also very nice. i slept at the angelus hut. on wednesday morning i woke up at 5am and started to the ridge for sunset. that was fantastic too.

this is some swinging action for the courageously people on the puller river. for me it was to slow.... now i am on the westcoast near westport. i will try to get into the bush on the heaphy track.

Montag, Jänner 29, 2007


thats the centre of new zealand.

look out to nelson

aynuzu japanese garden
evidence foto for my working collegues at the engel company.
yesterday i did the first time some swimming in an aquatic centre after nearly 3 month.
before i did some kitesurf lessions in nelson, but after one hour we had about 25-30knots winds. that was too much for beginner kiters... but it was really great experience...

in this morning i went to the queen garden for a morning walk.

Sonntag, Jänner 28, 2007

nelson (weekend)

hello. yesterday(saturday) freddy and me went to the phatclub in nelson. there was a good reggae dub soundsystem WICKED DRAW on the stage. also the beer from the local brewery mac ( the black mac) tasted very good. only the sandflies here on the south island (specially on the west coast) are a problem for me. they dry to bit ou everywhere and everytime. waaaa

nevertheless nelson is of the best area of new zealand up so far where i can imagine to live here.
i met an 25 years old guy from vienna and he is working on the kiwi pass ( that will take about 5 years and u must be under 30 years and have some special skills)

some pics from the wow museum that i visited on friday. the wearable art gallery i wasn't allowed to take pictures.
thats the ring from the famous movie filmed in new zealand "Lord of the Rings"

some kitepics from sunday - there was unfortunately no possibility for kitelessions...

this morning i did a 2 hour walk in the bush to a look out over nelson. this tree has an estimated diameter from 4-5 meter on the bottom.

golden bay

after the cave action i spent the afternoon near pohara on a beautiful beach on the golden bay. these islands are called tata islands. very nice here.

these are some pics from the camping place on the abel costal track. i did here some showers. :))

rawhiti cave

near takaka on the abel tasman drive u can find the rawhiti cave. it is an amazing big cave with so many colourful stalagtites and stalagmites - wonderful - i cann't believe it. just enjoy the pics.